“Behind every beautiful woman, there is a wonderfully intricate beauty regime.”

Pamper and Love yourself. Experience the wholesome treatment and rituals that heals your skin from the deepest layer. Relax and be confident! Be Beautiful from the inside out. Providing head-to-toe products with modern Indonesian spa-at-home concept for all women, especially for the busy and highly mobile. “Looking good and feeling good”, this is the message that Azarine hopes to impart to the world. However, with the overwhelming demands of the modern world, more and more women are having difficulty finding time to take care of their beauty needs. So Azarine hopes to bring the best essential herbs from nature, craft it into an easy-to-use, affordable, holistic solution and present it to all you great women of the 21st century. Using the power of nature, science & technology to bring innovative products and deliver benficial solutions, we hope to bring out the Confidence and Beauty in every woman so that they feel empowered. Share your beauty to the world.

Founded in 2002, Azarine was first created to bring herbal Indonesian Spa recipes for the convenience of the retail mass market and modern beauty salons. From 15 product variants of multiple scents and series, Azarine products have always sought to specifically heal and beautify various concerns using carefully selected herbs and spices. With the creation of the WKI research lab in 2016, Azarine rebranded and brought new scientific improvements fused into their herbal upbringing. With continuous improvement, Azarine hopes to deliver useful and convenient products to the modern lifestyle. Our Products are all registered by BPOM and manufactured in PT. WKI, which has been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP or known as CPKB in Indonesian) in 2017. With the completion of a modern and high-tech Factory in 2018 Azarine production moved to the newly constructed building with International Standards and Engineered with integrated systems and automation. The factory is equipped with modern machineries and competent human resources to ensure that Azarine products are safe and has good quality assurance.

Crafting innovation through nature, science & technology.

Established 2016, WKI Research Labs comprises of an R&D team with a mix of expertise that explores with creativity and new ideas. The team routinely executes comprehensive testing of materials, packaging, efficacy & stability, design formulations. We believe in well-crafted beneficial solutions, carefully select suitable ingredients and formulations to deliver unique products to the world. Our journey to be the best involves continuous improvement and keeping update with the latest trends and technology. Bringing the impossible possible.